My Art Story



I was never an artistic kid, I was the studious one! I preferred playing and studying over drawing and painting. Even though I spent a lot of time during the holidays creating and being innovative with my best friend, I had never thought art would one day play such major role in my life.

As a child, me and my best friend would make cards, stitch doll dresses, jewellery, decorate our diary and try out many DIY crafts. With all my focus on studying and enjoying my teenage years, I never gave a chance to my creative side up until 4-5 years back. I remember watching these amazing creative videos on Youtube and ideas on Pinterest and wanting to try all of them by myself.

I remember, one summer afternoon, I started by gathering scrap fabrics and started making hair bows. This was the first DIY in years and it gave me a sense of immense satisfaction and the want to create more. That summer, I made dreamcatchers, hair accessories, a few drawings and painted a lot of objects that I found handy.

I continued creating and drawing from time to time in between studies but it was never enough. I always felt the greed to spend more time creating instead of studying (especially during exams), even had thoughts about dropping out from college. However, my persistence to develop a career in the Psychology field was strong and I decided to take a break from art till I learnt to better manage my time.

During the last couple of years, I started developing anxiety and stress and felt it elevate only through art. I found art to be the best way to express without having to talk or confront anyone. Along with pursuing my masters, I decided that I would dedicate a couple of hours every weekend towards creating, letting my energy flow on paper and canvas. I started gifting my paintings and dreamcatchers to my dear ones and was surprised by the amount of appreciation and encouragement to do something about this self found talent (Even though I personally never thought it was as good as the feedback I got).

My family really supported me and pushed me forward to pursue both my career and my hobby. With everyones support, I felt I should have a brand name and develop social media for my work. I came up with the name for my brand, Beauteous Living, meaning arousing good emotions and leading a beautiful life.

Finally, I am glad I am writing this post to reach people who share similar interests. Art has a very therapeutic value in itself and mandalas are traditional tools of meditation and releasing stressful energy. Let yourself indulge in spending the maximum amount of time you can spare, in doing what drowns you into the flow of the activity and gives you pleasure and mental satisfaction.

To be honest, I am not a social media person and I find it rather difficult to persistently upload. I hope to become more organised and upload regularly.

Thank you for taking interest in my story.


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