Welcome to Beauteous Living,

A girl from Mumbai with a passion for art, writing and nature. I enjoy creating personalised artwork and I aspire to reach out to people through art by radiating positive energy and pleasant vibes through the traditionally used art of Mandalas.

While studying Psychology, I took up this art form as an hobby and have been creating Mandalas and similar artwork for about 3 years now. It has become a part of my life and my personal meditation technique.

The process of creating a mandala is very spiritual to me as it is an unguided and unplanned journey. Each pattern that I create is a consequence of the previous pattern as I start from the centre point and build around it.

I prefer handmade pieces over creating digital art. A handmade mandala is a replica of a life journey for me, just as every hand drawn pattern cannot be exact and precise, gliding my pen through the patterns as I learn how imperfections make the whole picture beautiful, teaches me about the beauty of ups and downs we face in life.

I also strongly believe that mandalas can be therapeutic. When blended with Colour Therapy, a personalised mandala can help in uplifting the mood and enabling better relaxation, healing, personal growth and mental peace.


I hope you enjoy my artwork and find a connection to it.